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IIM Ganjdundwara

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Rohithari Rajan





Could you ...

Live without email for two months?

Make do with a ten acre field for a restroom?

Drive a tractor out of a ditch?

IIM Ganjdundwara is a fictionalized narration of how a large multinational company devised a unique rural initiative. Two young MBAs find themselves in a remote Indian village, and this is their story an account of the often funny, frequently insightful experiences of city dwellers trying to adjust to rural life, of young men hoping to make a difference, and of one India discovering another.

A compelling read, IIM Ganjdundwara highlights the similarities between urban and rural India. It is a story of the hopes, dreams and realities of everyday folk eager to make a difference.


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Pages 288
Price US $ 5.50
ISBN 81-8443-021-3 



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