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Tarbela Damned Pakistan Tamed

C N Anand

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TARBELA DAMNED PAKISTAN TAMED is a work of fiction that deals with the coming together of the Indian Intelligence services (RAW), and the Mossad of Israel, with help from the Irish Republican Army, to strike at one of Pakistan's most prestigious and sensitive structures, the Tarbela Dam, in order to tame a country gradually but definitely becoming a 'rogue' state. All this is possible because an Indian Jew who after graduating from IIT Madras, emigrates to Israel to join the Mossad, teams up with his schoolmate, now an officer in RAW. Both of them share an ambition, and are in pursuit of the same goal, namely bringing Pakistan to heel. The two men have been deeply influenced by their teacher in school, the Irishman, Brother Manahan, who has inculcated in them a sense of admiration and empathy with the IRA. The planning, the execution and the repercussions of their schemes form the substance of this unusual novel.

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Pages 198
Price US $ 12.95 
ISBN 81-8443-013-2 



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