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Yasmine Gooneratne


Yasmine Gooneratne combines the professions of educator, literary critic, editor and bibliographer with the subversive pleasures of writing poetry, fiction and satire. She settled in Australia with her physician husband and their two children in 1972. She has been widely published and has nineteen books to her credit.

In 1981 Yasmine Gooneratne was awarded Macquarie University's first earned higher doctoral degree of Doctor of Letters (D.Litt.). Holder of a Personal Chair in English Literature, and Foundation Director of her university's Postcolonial Literatures and Language Research Centre, she accepted appointment in 1990 as Patron of the Jane Austen Society of Australia, and received the Order of Australia (AO) for distinguished service to literature and education. More recently, she received the 2001 Raja Rao Award, instituted by the Samvad India Foundation to honour writers who have made outstanding contributions to the literature of the South Asian Diaspora.

Her first novel, A Change of Skies, winner of the 1992 Marjorie Barnard Award for Literary Fiction, as well as her second, The Pleasures of Conquest (1995) were shortlisted for the Commonwealth Writers Prize. She is currently writing a third novel, Tsunami.

Masterpiece is her first collection of short fiction.

Masterpiece and other stories
Stories about culture clash and adaptation, love and loss, ancient legend and up-to-the-minute experience, the enchantments of childhood and the disillusionment of maturity, related by a strong authorial voice that is often witty, sometimes tender, always subtle and true. The book presents a dazzling interplay of emotional power and keen understanding, which constantly takes the reader by surprise, coupled with a richness of characterization and texture that provides a lasting source of pleasure. Yasmine Gooneratne turns to the short story as a means of examining a range of personal relationships in many countries and settings, maintaining in story after story a delicate balance between the comic and the profoundly serious that demonstrates her mastery of the genre.

Credit for Gooneratne and her books
(About Relative Merits )
"This fascinating memoir by a member of one of Sri Lanka's ruling families recreates a time when the elite Bandaranaike clan was more Edwardian than the Edwardians themselves. Intelligent, sympathetic, authentic."
Steven R. Weisman, New York Times Book Review

(About A Change of Skies )
"A fascinating account of the Australian experience in all its strangeness and magic, told brilliantly."
CRNLE Reviews Journal

"Migration from Asia to Australia is handled in this remarkable novel with humour and sympathetic understanding of both cultures, backed up by accurate and minute historical research."
The Book Review

About The Pleasures of Conquest (1995)]

"The best book I have read on Euro-Asian relations of the past."
Khushwant Singh, in The Hindustan Times

"Research, absorbed effortlessly, to emerge as purposeful literary irony."
Financial Express

(About This Inscrutable Englishman )
"A story full of romance and violence, trust and deceit. By looking at the historical record from both sides, the authors give readers a wonderfully human view of people caught in an earnest and deadly political game."
Professor Richard Bailey, University of Michigan

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